Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor MagiCube48

MagiCube 48 automatic nucleic acid extractor is an in vitro diagnostic equipment used to extract and purify nucleic acid from samples and to automatically realize the nucleic acid extraction and purification through the mixing of liquid, magnetic bead collection, release and transfer. The instrument is equipped with different kinds of nucleic acid extraction kits, which can extract and purify nucleic acid from blood, urine, saliva, oral swab, nose swab, virus, animal and plant tissues, bacteria, microorganisms and other biological sample.


Avoid cross contamination

With the ultraviolet disinfection, HEPA high effiffifficiency fifilter exhausting function, it can avoid aerosol contamination and cross contamination.

Easy operation

8-inch touchable color screen to meet the needs of intelligent and convenient operation.

Short processing time

Up to 48 samples can be processed in 15-20min.

Precise temperature control

Achieve transition from the room temperature to 90℃ and the nucleic acid extraction process meeting difffferent temperature requirements

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