On September 6, 2022, the Real-time PCR Detection Kit for Monkeypox Virus was developed by Beijing Applied Biological Technologies Co.,LTD. (XABT) which already obtained a CE certificate, also obtained a UK MHRA certificate.

猴痘pcr英国MHRA证书Registration Confirmation Letter - 2022090201275746_页面_1

Recently, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) confirmed that the second strain of Monkeypox has been detected in the UK, from patients who traveled to West Africa during the current outbreak. With the increase of the Monkeypox virus worldwide, medical experts are still worried about the unpredictable effects of the monkeypox virus and whether the second strain of monkeypox will be a high transmission, more contagious, or not.


Anyone traveling to West and Central Africa, or showing symptoms like fever, headache, muscle and back pain, or others should be aware of the monkeypox outbreak. The Real-time PCR Detection Kit for Monkeypox Virus provides detection solutions for people for early diagnosis of the disease. 


XABT for Monkeypox Virus Detection

  • Comprehensive: We will provide a complete solution to help you quickly start testing
  • Reliable: Internal Control (IC) allows ruling out inhibitors during PCR
  • Sensitive: Limit of detection is 1000 copies/mL, The coefficient of variation of the reference material for precision testing is less than 5%

Post time: Sep-07-2022